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May 2013 Fulfill All of Your Goals and Dreams! Happy New Year!


Boz wishes all of you a very happy New Year. Lee is typing away on her laptop-as humans like to do-and thus he stopped by to send greetings for the following year. As his namesake is Charles Dickens (Boz was Dickens’ pen name), he is used to humans ignoring him while they hone on their precious words. So he is taking over the website to ensure proper manners are employed. 

May your New Year bring all that you hold dear and a very hearty wish is sent your way!

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Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “May 2013 Fulfill All of Your Goals and Dreams! Happy New Year!

    1. Jentylee

      Boz is a very special cat who thinks he is actually a dog as he grew up with my dear dog, Charlie. Yes, it’s a Dickensian household. He comes when you call, even if he is sleeping on a windowsill. They were both rescues from different pounds. Boz picked me to rescue. He has a perfect heart shape on his chest and people gasp when he finally sits up and shows it to them. As you can see he is laid-back and all love. He is open to any hugs you wish to give him. 😉

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