Other Lives, Other Loves

This is a piece of mine that I shared on my more personal site. As I have a handicap, I thought I’d share it with you. If you followed me on both websites, you will be acquainted with this one

Other Lives, Other Loves


I was reading today a beautiful piece of writing sent to me in Brad Listi’s latest newsletter. If you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with The Nervous Breakdown, it’s a crying shame.

It reminded me of my first true love. A man with a red corvette, curly brown hair and a heart of pure gold. We lived a long-distance relationship throughout our college years. Many trips from either of our college towns down the nine-hour drive to a large southern city populated with either Limos or Toyota Corollas and, for a few weeks a year, one red corvette and two people in love.

During our summer breaks, I spent many a day or evening at his college-town apartment; until 11 pm or three am-if we fell asleep in each others arms. He was the quiet shield from the beatings at home of one parent or the crass treatment by a step-mother that only wanted me gone. She got her wish; mine were not granted. Truth is slayed by hatred so often.

He has a family now, and that door has been shut to me long ago Though, for a minute, I allow myself to wonder what our life would have been like to entwine into each others limbs as the evening turned into night, and we grew closer through the years. What would our baby we lost to miscarriage have looked like? His chin, my ears, his feet, my hands. The minute has ended, and I must deal with the truth of today and count my blessings. My friends, my faith, the strength I have to fight each minute of pain. Nothing would stop me from working before, and nothing will stop me from working through this dying disease today.

The minute has passed, and I must deal with today. I count my blessings and move through the pain. Happy that it is in my bones but not my heart. That pain would be too much to bear.Those questions I also look at askance. Lot’s wife taught us not to look backward No matter how much it hurts to move forward in this body, at least it is moving ahead.

Regrets? Yes, many. But I only acknowledge them peeping at me from the corner of my eyes. There is no point at looking them straight on. I must gather my strength and keep my faith for the current fight; alone, with this disease and its unending pain.

Count your blessings and be happy for what you have. Be happy in your heart for who you have become and, whatever war you face today; keep strong and carry on.

4 thoughts on “Other Lives, Other Loves

  1. Ah,the love that got away…your poignant story conjures it all up in a heart-wrenching beautiful set of memories that for a few moments tonight brings up a certain someone for me…thanks, Lee. A great piece of writing.

    • Thank you, Karen. I’ve replied on another format, but it is certainly worth repeating here. That means so much coming from you. It appears from the comments and discussions, that we all have that one person no longer in our life in physical from but always with us in our hearts and in our thoughts.
      Thank you for stopping by my humble home.

  2. It is always a special pleasure to see you here. I meant to read your latest post as soon as it hit my inbox (I adore them all; without exception) but I have had some tough days which I am sure are soon to pass.

    The people in our lives that our there tangentially, during the times of difficulty become a part of us that never leaves our true nature as they have helped to strengthen us. In all cases, they our closer to our heart and soul than words can say. In the case of loves, that bond is so much stronger. The old saying that youth is wasted on the young applies as we don’t know what gem we held until we see the breadth of humanity; or lack thereof. Regrets are natural, but I prefer to look at the great wonder that brought them into our lives, the fun and special times we had together, and the lessons that they taught me. I see that as one of your strong suits as well in your writing. Even when writing of others, it is amazing how much of ‘us’ seeps through. The beauty of the art if you write from the heart.

    I am so glad you like the new design as it is a lot of coding and I can’t put my icon in the header (yet! ;). I am working on a new set up as that is my hobby, but I’ll stick with this one for awhile until I see all of its potential.

    So glad you came by. I will see you soon 😉

  3. Lovely post, Lee. I had an “other love” like yours, who shielded me from the tempest at home. I’m grateful everyday for him, even though we’ve long parted paths. Without his caring, I would have grown into a much more bitter person. Thank you for the reminder of what matters. P.S. Like this new design a lot.

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