Kinks in the Machine

The bug that forever exasperated the early computer forefathers has visited The Quill in its current form of software and cPanels. After much consternation, we are happily back on. Thank you for your patience and we will continue where we left off.

Have you written today?

Here is a good article to get your Muse in gear:

A bit of advise from Ernest Hemingway that fits perfectly with the Pomodoro Technique we spoke of here :

“The most important thing I’ve learned about writing is never write too much at a time,” Hemingway said, tapping my arm with his finger. “Never pump yourself dry. Leave a little for the next day. The main thing is to know when to stop. Don’t wait till you’ve written yourself out. When you’re still going good and you come to an interesting place and you know what’s going to happen next, that’s the time to stop. Then leave it alone and don’t think about it; let your subconscious mind do the work. The next morning, when you’ve had a good sleep and you’re feeling fresh, rewrite what you wrote the day before. When you come to the interesting place and you know what is going to happen next, go on from there and stop at another high point of interest. That way, when you get through, your stuff is full of interesting places and when you write a novel you never get stuck and you make it interesting as you go along.”

2 thoughts on “Kinks in the Machine

  1. I love Hemingway’s concise and compassionate delivery of his writing advice. He could have branched out into writing self-help books if he wanted. 🙂

    • Hi there, Chris! I so agree with you. He has stated that talking about writing is the last thing he wanted to do; though his words were more…spicy. One of the reasons I lap up any bit I can get from him. That little quote says it so succinctly, as only Hemingway could do. He sends me straight to my writing. I agree; picturing him as a mentor would mean a great deal of fish-gutting, but it would be worth it for such a teacher.
      So good to see you and you bet I’ll be checking out your latest! :p

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