The Writer’s Read 2

The Writer’s Read 2

The whole point of the quill.While I’m waiting for answers back, joining communities in Google Plus and consulting my colleagues at LinkedIn, I thought I’d leave you with a few articles to chew on in this ever evolving digital age. Only one of these links has to do with digital media. (There is more to come on that in the series. My Drive is full of posts.) The other two have to do with location and how it impacts the writer. A specific study in one and a reminiscence in the other.  I will leave you with my sign off from 2010; Be calm and write on.

Places every literary fan should visit from Flavorwire.

What are our children of today learning?

A New York Times Must Read.

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2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Read 2

  1. The digital age has changed my world completely.
    For starters I can connect all over the world with people such as yourself.
    I can also stay more connected with family and friends.
    I no longer watch TV or listen to the radio preferring to watch and listen to what I want when I want digitally.
    I can ask any question I want and the answers are at my fingertips via google.
    I can be a writer via blogging, a radio announcer via podcasts and star in my own movie via youtube.
    The list goes on.

Any thoughts on this? What is your opinion?