New Cool Tool to Share

I’ve been finishing up my next installment in the series last night and early this morning. But I couldn’t wait to show you this great app. I’ve been lauding Evernote since they first came on the scene and only ‘geeks’ (of which I’m one) knew about them. And of course, who doesn’t love gmail?

Well, this is similar to the peanut butter and chocolate ad. Who couldn’t love two great tools that work together?

Take a look and see for yourself.


Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “New Cool Tool to Share

    • Hi Celeste,
      Pretty nifty, isn’t it? Re: Gmail alone, though. Have you noticed how many people are sending out newsletters to their Gmail subscribers concerned that these subscribers aren’t getting their newsletters? I got one that says Google is filtering your email. It’s simply divided into two tabs. Silly. But glad you liked the tip. Evernote was only considered geeky in its infancy. Now it seems to be everyone’s favorite app, and rightly so.And there adding new apps onto their arsenal each day. Let me know what you think about this one!

Any thoughts on this? What is your opinion?