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I am writing. Though a failed spinal reconstruction is now gripping my spine in an evil clamp, I am writing. Though I slip into fevers that last weeks from severe r.a./lupus sle, I am writing. Though I must fight with the state for the egregious bills they charge me because I’m under 50 and sick, I am writing. Though the pain grips me so much I stare into space unable to stand every second of it, I am writing.

Though I often can’t use my hands to type, I am writing. 

Why? Because a man whom I’ve never met but who understands far more than I obstacles is sitting in his wheelchair and building empires. Because of this man, I am writing. 

Thank you for your example, Jon. And this quote I am hanging on my bedside:


The more I write, the more I realize building a career as a writer isn’t about smarts or talent or even discipline. It’s about guts.



To guts and gumption and you.


What obstacles do you overcome in your writing? Be fearless and write a few words in the comments.



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3 thoughts on “#amwriting

    • Oh, Cheryl, it is so good to see you! I have been thinking about you. (And I always speak the truth, no platitudes.) Tough going. It’s all doctors all of the time. But I always bounce back. Always.;p So no wories. I have been wanting to come visit but it seems like I’m running, while flat on my back, at “Electronic Speed” One of Jane Friedmkan’s many endeavors. (She’s a personal hero of mine.) How I am so busy one never knows but I have to get a lot of my work done to keep ahead. This page was recently hacked while I had the computer at the shop. (Murphy’s sick sense of humor. 😉 and I’m starting up an author website. (That website I just started, have had time to delete the “Hello World” message at least!) Mom passed away in near my birthday in October and the grieving process exacts time from all, as we know. One minute laughing, the other crying, but that is good for the soul. “Lessons learned while on Earth” is my catolog name for those hard things. (And a flash fiction assortment, which you will see on my other site.) I wish you all the love in the world and we will speak soon. I want to see your artwork and stories again. Need my fix.

      • Lee, I’m very sorry to hear about what’s happened these past months, and Lessons learned while on Earth is very apt. I’m glad you’re staying positive, under the circumstances, and starting a new blog may do the world of good. I’ve just been made redundant and writing the stories is helping get me through it. I think there is a healing quality to creating, whether it’s art or writing. I’m going to your profile so I can visit you on your new site. All the very best to you, and my thoughts are with you, even though we’ve never met.

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