You are Home.

We are now in our new home thanks to some wonderful friends. In the meantime, you all know how it is–moving day is only half the battle.

While we are busy unpacking all of our books and putting them in order by author. (No color coding here.) Please feel free to look around and join our new community. And if you were part of our prior, lovely community, please make sure to put your lovely mug or Gravatar on this new site. We will then know that we are all part of the writing community and we can lean on each other for support. Writing is a lonely business and we know that far too well. We are all friends here. If you would rather get further updates delivered via email rather than having to search around for them, please sign up on the upper right hand side.

And a quote from a playwright well remembered:

“There is a time for departure, even when there is no certain place to go.”  –  Tennessee William

Luckily, we are certain of the place to go: !

photo credit: Geoffery Kehrig via photopin cc

5 thoughts on “You are Home.

  1. I love when you two stop by with your great smiles. Coach (you better get used to people calling you that), I noticed that you were on another great site that is right up your lane. I’ll send you an email as I have some questions as to how things turned out.
    I have been in the Wharton school for gamification and the bootcamp for the same. It is about the hardest I think they have offered. Half the time, I’ve got piles of papers over me, two documents open with different projects, and ten other tabs open to all of the places we need to study next. And they are all big projects. My printer is scowling at me ;).
    How is your settling in process? And where did you move to again? Is it a whole new environment that you have to get used to? Like, “Oh yeah, where is the drugstore?” Or are you familiar with the area? And don’t feel bad if you have a room full of boxes for the next year or so. I know homeowners that still haven’t fully unpacked for far longer than that. I send my best to you and keep me up to date.

    • Coach, I replied to your comment and asked some ?’s on the comment below Jane’s comment/reply. Hope you are well.

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