Lifechanging Writing Course & Community Closes Enrollment This Wednesday Night

Lifechanging Writing Course & Community Closes Enrollment This Wednesday Night

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How would you like to work in a supportive environment to write and critique your work? What are you seeing in costs for the registration for writing conventions these day? Yeah. Then there’s the ticket and the gas. The kids and the pets. Shopping for needed supplies for just you and anyone left at home let alone for your computer, notebooks and the list goes on.

You’ve heard of Story Cartel, right? Joe Bunting, one of the best teachers and the man behind The Write Practice has developed this coure. Here are a few things he says about the process:


Most writers think writing is a solo business, that you’re supposed to do it all on your own. Except this “doing it all on your own” thing is a good way to make sure no one reads your writing.



When you look at the best writers, the Brontes, the Hemingways, the Tolkiens, they never did it alone. Their success, even their creativity, didn’t come solely from themselves. It took other people, a community, a Cartel.

If you are wondering why he named the course The Story Cartel, he describes it this way:

A “Cartel” is an agreement amongst competitors. You see, too many writers treat their fellow writers as competitors, when what they should be doing is treating them likeallies. By helping each other, you and I can multiply our efforts.


The course is usually run per quarter and was put off until now for Joe Bunting and his family to stay in Paris for a few months. Imagine the stories you’ll hear! It’s a writers’ mecca and sure stole my heart when I was there.

You have read my discussions on all of the opportunities to get the word out about your work, to market it and format it or stay up on the latest and greatest. This community helps you from start to finish. You grow together and you promote each other. This is different than the author clubs that I have discussed and continue to discuss as the bonds from the beginning of class last a lifetime. This takes the fear, a big problem with all writers, out of putting your work out there are wondering how to submit or format. Much like Bookbub, after you publish your book, it is is put into categories and sent out to subscribers for a fair and honest review, the real life example of critiquing in writer circles. The website for books is on the top fringes of new, responsive, and beautiful design to showcase your book and your blurb to all. The reviews are key for any author. It is the lifeblood and this is how it gets your author profile noticed, something I’ve repeatedly lectured on like the Paper Chase (though I don’t like comparing myself to the character. ;p)

Here is the link again: Story Cartel. It’s a not-to-be-missed opportunity. Grow your writing family tree now!

Any thoughts on this? What is your opinion?