We Have a Winner!

Some lucky winner will win this if you enter by Friday, Dec. 14th midnight EST/US
By Ilie Ruby


Thank you all for participating in the contest for a free copy of Ilie Ruby’s The Salt God’s Daughter. We have had great response. With the CSV we assigned the number corresponding to the name and email to a random number optimizer and came up with a winner.

The winner is Priska Clarke

To all; I can assure you that this is not the last time we will run a contest because I just love them. Stay tuned!! Come to this website as they are not always announced both on the website and through the newsletter.

Priska, please contact me through the contact form and/or at info@thepointofthequill.com so I can discuss details. Also, if you would like, I’d love for you to comment while reading or when done reading the novel at the post coming up that discusses the novel. (This is not a requirement of the contest but I assure you that you will want to talk to someone who has read it and share your thoughts, here or somewhere else.) This is guaranteed to be a true friend for the rest of your life. It has grown to be one of mine.

Again, thank you all for participating and Priska, please contact me with your details (ie: the email you wish me to send the Amazon gift announcement to if it is other than yours, who the name on the Amazon account is, etc. We will further correspond to work out details.) If I don’t reach you tonight, we will definitely talk tomorrow. And congratulations!!!

2 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!

  1. You are welcome and the old saw that giving is just as muuch fun as getting is true. Whenever you get a chance to read it, I would love to hear your thoughts. I’ll be putting the authors website as well as a number of other salient points about her as an author. Her website is, of course, IlieRuby.com and it might be good to see the trailer for the book which is on the site or if you are on YouTube, just punch in The Salt God’s Daughter. Have fun!

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