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A great resource for mystery writers and readers is, of course, the mecca for all books; the New York Public Library. Here is a subsite of the webpage dedicated to The Masters of Mysteries and will keep you occupied, informed and intrigued for a long time.

March 18th, 2013 If you are a mystery or crime writer or reader, I’ve come across a terrific website that has all of the awards for mystery and/or crime writers and readers. Its main title is Crime Fiction, subtitled “Recognizing the Best Mysteries, Suspense Novels and Thrillers” which you can find here. They are called the Anthony Awards (as opposed to the Tony Awards, which I think is very spry  ;p) and were created in memory of the late writer Anthony Boucher.

The Anthony Awards are given at each annual Bouchercon World Mystery Convention with the winners selected by attendees. The award is named for the late Anthony Boucher (William Anthony Parker White), well-known writer and critic from the New York Times, who helped found the Mystery Writers of America.

They have awards going back to 1986 listing the book and authors. They have also included an icon in the link which provides a review of the book. There is also a whole page with a long list of awards that are offered. This is an offshoot of the home page, OmniMystery which is a panoply of terrific mystery sites; or as they put it “A Family of Mystery Websites”. There are mystery games, trivia, even Mystery Media which with T.V. and Movies included.

Check it out. Unless you’re too afraid…

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Huffington Post has an article about the Six Mysteries everyone should read. As you’re reading this page, there is a good chance you’ve already read them, studied the, dissected them. But, it never hurts to offer more resources.

Beyond mysteries and thrillers, here are links for digital day and info on publishing:

TOC is the place to be for help in this digital age. Sadly, TOC shut down in 2013, but the website is still up and the articles and information there is a gret resource for all writers and anyone in the middle of this changing digital landscape of ours.

Publishing Perspectives is just what it sounds like; a new perspective in the changing landscape of publishing.


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