From Platform to Self-Publishing House, Kickstarter and Published Book

There is a great site you should visit called Indie Author Land. It is a wealth of information on self-published books. It also has the stories behind the books in the form of  author interviews posted with the books. This is the crux of the story behind Penpals; a story you don’t want to miss about a book that is surely not to be missed.

It seems that the author, Dathan Auerbach visited the social page Reddit a great deal. In particular, the subreddit No Sleep. One night, he decided to post a story to the subreddit. He was a little nervous  about it, but decided to dive in; he intitled that story Footsteps and hoped for a few votes and comments. It turned out to be a hit, so he posted more and everyone loved the stories. They were clamoring for them. This interview,  conducted at the end of last year, is a bestseller again for this past week. There is talk of a movie, all because of reddit’s subreddit community NoSleep. This is what a fan base can do both for you as a novelist and your book through the self-publishing options available for you.

This interview talks first about story, which must be the pillar to all of our work and then discusses an ‘impromptu’ Kickstarter project, a publishing house, isbn and publishing outlets on Amazon, over several countries, iTunes, Nook, and beyond with talks with the movie industry; all a great surprise to the novelist, Dathan Auerbach.

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Alternative to the Soon-To-Disappear Google Adwords Toolbar

the digital world

the digital worldI’ve had my nose in research for various products and work on my own WIP (work in progress), so this bit of news from Google has come as an unwanted surprise. I think I was aware of that, but the particular neuron storing that news was written over by my writing research.

The Google Adwords Toolbar will not be available within the next few weeks unless you have an Adwords account. They will be replacing it with the Adwords keywords planner Didn’t we do this dance just a month ago? Oh, I see on my dance-card that was for the Google Reader.

No, Google isn’t going out of business (can you even imagine?), I am sure that this is an effort to get more Adwords customers, based upon the snail mail I’ve been getting. I have an ironic sense of humor, and boy did I laugh when I got a paper ad in the old mailbox from Google!

As I am certain I’m not the only writer with her nose in research, having forgotten this particular fact; I’d like to aid you in your own WIP and online writing assignments with a ‘heads up’ and an alternative to this useful tool. From IT Business, they put up a baker’s dozen tools to help you in this oft-forgotten area which you can find here. But one tool–the Woo Rank–I found to be intriguing for the following reasons:                                        

  4. Woo Rank for the needy Do you need an SEO expert but don’t have the cash? Use Woo Rank when you’d like your very own SEO specialist by your side. This tool analyzes a wide range of elements such as internal linking structure, back links to your site, keywords, and content. Additionally, it reports page rank, security, and loading speeds.Another high point with Woo Rank is that it analyzes mobile usability. For instance, users consistently using their t-mobile cell phone plans to browse your site will be accounted for with Woo Rank.Another feature is that the Woo Rank reports give you valuable suggestions and feedback so that you are aware of areas you must improve.


Hope this helps you. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Harry Potter sorting hat to just sort out all of the SEO tools? What tools do you use in place of the Adwords Keyword Toolbar? Let me know in the comments.

Please note: This site gets over four hundred spam comments a day and counting. It has become impossible to sift through the debris and keep up the site at the same time as writing posts and working on my own writing.
If you get caught up in this, I am truly sorry. We are trying to find a feasible workaround. Sharing is always welcome and is easy on this site.
  • For more on this subject, I recommend visiting Eric Fettman’s Google Analytics Tip of the Day Blog.

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