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Mardi Gras or not, let’s not hide behind any masks, agreed? Make me a happy reveler and check out the Websites for Writers Toolkit. You’ll be surprised to find some pretty colorful links there.

Via Author Media

Hot off the presses from Author Media, there is a free webinar tomorrow, December 20th, with Thomas Umstattd Jr. as the presenter. He will be discussing:

 4 Novel Marketing Tools You Can Implement in 30 Minutes or Less at Thursday, December 20 at 07:00 PM CST.

You can register through Author Media by going here.

More to come on this site on Ilie Ruby’s The Salt God’s Daughter.


The Town that Evil Visited

I wrote to a friend twenty minutes from the place where ‘evil visited’, that I struggled to find words, any words to give voice to the grief and incomprehension of this quiet village erupting in gunfire and twenty children still laid out on the school floor and not in the arms of their parents as they read them a good night’s story. He, also a writer and a father to two little children, was wondering how he would explain evil to his kids. Against one horrible image in my mind laid next to another, I see parents watch their children’s school mates being picked up by their parents and worried off to home until the announcement that “There will be no more reunions.” The horror of that moment -couldn’t that have been avoided? If nothing else, couldn’t just that have been avoided?

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