An Intro to Procrastination, Neuroscience and Writer’s Block

procrastination, neuroscience, writer's block

what time is it

I wanted to update this post with new Pomodoro* apps that have come out. I’ve been collecting a list and then Zapier came out with this great list.

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We will be discussing writer’s block, procrastination and the science behind them…later on…

But first…

There is a movement just starting in the writing sphere of the blogosphere; writers are pushing away from the confines of immediate social media constraints to concentrate on, you guessed it, writing. See ‘s  goodbye post at Writer Unboxed and the comments that follow as well as Chuck Sambuchino’s Letter at Guide to Literary Agents.¹(additional links in footnote)

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May 2013 Fulfill All of Your Goals and Dreams! Happy New Year!


Boz wishes all of you a very happy New Year. Lee is typing away on her laptop-as humans like to do-and thus he stopped by to send greetings for the following year. As his namesake is Charles Dickens (Boz was Dickens’ pen name), he is used to humans ignoring him while they hone on their precious words. So he is taking over the website to ensure proper manners are employed. 

May your New Year bring all that you hold dear and a very hearty wish is sent your way!

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Happy New Year!