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Please see update at the bottom of this post.


Earlier on this site, I spoke of a site you may not be aware of but that is a lifesaver for anyone who creates and thus needs a Muse to depend on. The problem is, our Muses are not very dependable. So, I have a back-up plan for you.

I am big on content management  That is basically curating information that I can use for other projects-with the appropriate attribution. There are a number of sites for this but people are finding some inherent flaws in the systems of the most popular ones.

I have been introduced to two new ones. One, BO.LT, is not so new but I have been lucky enough to be in a group of first users. The second one, comparatively  is much newer. They have teamed up with Time to assist in their content. They do not do this for just any old user (ie: you and me). However, if you know the state of Time currently in its holdings, you might question this approach. But, one never knows. This is something called Rebel Mouse.

If you wish to find out a bit more of my interests and what I curate in content, just visit my Rebel Mouse page.

Or my BO.LT page to see just how much of a geek I am. 😉

Having used both and tried other page sharing utilities, in my experience BO.LT is THE place for curating and sharing pages with credit-ability built-in. The community there far outweighs any on-line community. If I had to compare all of the page sharing communities out there, BO.LT is like a big family gathering over a food-laden table; smiles all around when you walk in the door and a place set for you. The others…not so much.


One of the best things about BO.LT is that the categories are much easier to sort and manage. As someone mentioned, a bolt holds better than a pin 😉 And a special person on their team made a widget so you can display pages for your collections. For instance, this is my collection of #great houses

#literature #novels #reading:

#reading #writing #great novels

#great offices

#technology #social media

#social media #technology

#great staircases

#My Left Brain

#art #amazing



#design #booklovers

#innovation #small spaces



#The Brain


And there is no boring fail whale here if there is an occasional server issue. Instead, you get a revolving and hilarious bit of humor with BO.LT’s icon, the elephant. Once, I found him crying. Another time, his face seemed to be concentrating and then I noticed there was more activity on the other side of him…Cracked me up. When has a 404 error cracked you up?

But what has saved me in writing my work-in-progress is my #Muse category.This is where I  put all photography that is reminiscent of a particular mood, feeling, or character that I want to flesh out in my novels.

You can see that it relies solely on the photography of others. This is where Bolt comes in handy as not only can you categorize the bolts into subjects in their own box, rather than just having a tag, but you can also make your own page as you see with each of these categories. You can choose the background and look of the page. I obviously like the simple paper look. What can I say? I’m a writer.

Have fun. Play in a sandbox of images and information and make your own content manager with a few simple field to fill out. Voila. Your Muse!

Add BO.LT to your site:or see the  http://bo.lt/about page, and specifically http://bo.lt/tips-tricks to get the applet for your bookmark.

See TechCrunch for further comparisons.

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Note: Sadly, Bolt is no more. I never thought I would grieve a social sharing page. What great research has been lost. The community and shared amusements. But we still have rebel mouse and then eventually I will try and get on Pinterest and join the ranks. All of the work those that started it and devoted so much time to is now gone. It, and they will be missed.

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