Sundays are for writers

Sundays are for writers

I love Sundays. They’re unspecified, hours and hours to contemplate and allow your thoughts lead. Sundays for me used to mean reading a newspaper (the kind you hold in your hand, believe it or not), throwing on hiking gear and tromping through my favorite forests or up less than steep hills.

That has all changed for many reasons, the biggest one being my commitment to my writing.

In a strange way, I think all of our activities have changed since the website and blogging boom. Do you ever wonder how many hours you’ve spent learning website design, social media, and blogging versus simply writing? This Life 2.0 has brought us untold benefits but at what cost to our writing? A simple question that I haven’t seen addressed. Have you?

I’ve been up since 7a.m. working on css codes. You will be seeing some changes here as well as a great deal of information for you to grab and use to your benefit.

The biggest news is Mosaic has launched! You can grab a free copy here and benefit from the year of research I have dedicated to all writers in their efforts to promote their book among other writerly offerings to aid in your commitment to your writing life.

That’s all for now. Just wanted to wish you a lovely, thought filled Sunday.

Happy writing and enjoy your Sunday!