Shall I look for you in the sunset?

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Some well-known people claim that you shouldn’t write a post about yourself. It should always be for the readers’ benefit. I have endeavored to do that throughout the many posts on this website.

But sometimes, life precludes such evasion.

My mother has passed away.

Grief has  engulfed me. When she disappeared, as she often did, I had mourned her even as I called hospitals, friends, acquaintances-looking for her. Our roles shifted when I was young and I became the caretaker; the mother rather than the child.

Naively, I thought all of those horrible days and nights constituted enough grief for a lifetime. For her lifetime. Of course, I find I am wrong. The tears do not end, the thoughts and pictures of our life, the happier times when she smiled. A consummate hostess for the dinner parties at our large house, she wore dresses that she had sewn but looked much like something Jackie Kennedy would wear.

I wish to remember her this way.

Thank you for your understanding. I will be back soon with the first post in the series “For the Love of Books.”, writing tips, and much more on the indie series.

Best to you,