Blog Mastermind 2.0: Launch Day for This Great Course

Have you downloaded your free Blog Profits Blueprint yet? Here is the link as well as Yaro’s 4th video in the Blog Mastermind course: Download The Blog Profits Blueprint

Have you seen the other videos that go along with the series Yaro Starak has made? This week, all the way to February 2nd, you can sign up for Blog Mastermind 2.0.

This week Yaro is launching his world famous Blog Mastermind course.


Listen to Yaro as he discusses the great blueprint he came up with to develop his Blog Mastermind.

For instance, Video #2 shows us How Blogs Make Money

In video #3, Yaro discusses what products you can sell.

Even if you’ve already taken blogging courses, I urge you to listen to Yaro speak about the Blog Mastermind 2.0 and, at the least, download the Blog Profit Blueprint. You can keep the booklet even if you don’t go for the mastermind, but there’s a reason I’m talking about Yaro today. You know I’m about ethical marketing. Beyond that, I can’t even be an Amazon Associate,due to state law  so you know I’m not rolling in dough. I only promote the people I’ve learned a great deal from. Otherwise, you and I would be wasting each other’s time, and nobody wants that.

I’ll tell you a bit about Yaro because he’s an interesting guy. Yaro has taught a great deal of the big names in blogging and writing. Names that, if you write and blog, you would know about, even receive their emails. Names I knew through my own blogging courses. The first thing that drew me to him, besides the Australian accent, was that he was hands-down honest. He would only write  if he had something to say. That’s unusaul in this day and age. And a great deal of the emails were very thoughtful,

I’d like to see you take the next step in your online business, whether you blog to sell more books or blog due to the economy. Many of the great business bloggers I know come home from a hard day’s work and still have to work on a blog post. They do that because they have to. I’m sure you can fit yourself into one of those categories. What I’ve learned is that you can blog all you want and get nowhere in five years. Or, you can spend less money over the five years paying hosting service fees and domain fees and reach the same amount of people than if you paid a bit today to forward your journey.

You understand the burden, but you can only do so much right now? I urge you to keep these resources handy and set a timer for yourself. See if you can sign up for Yaro’s next class when he opens. Just think about it and keep that book handy. Read through all of the pages and refer to it often. This chance isn’t an open door, unfortunately. It closes February 2nd.


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Yaro will be closing the doors in a week to begin focusing on all the new Blog Mastermind members, so don’t miss out.

P.S. The bonus package I am offering is only available to the first ten people who claim it. Make sure you act quickly if you want to be one of those ten people.

Here’s the link: Blog Mastermind 2.0

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Have You Killed Your Darlings Today?

editing your work


editing your workI once posted on my twitter feed, “I’m killing my darlings.” Most-likely, non-writers were horrified. Those writers that follow me probably smiled. I was, of course, editing my work.

We all have to do this evil thing, which is really quite beautiful and necessary in the writing process. We would take our readers directly out of our carefully crafted story world if we put in a flowery phrase for no other reason than because we are proud to have put those words in that order.

“Aren’t I just adorable?”

Here is where your problems start. If you find yourself rereading a passage you wrote…just because; kill it. Murder it. Delete it. If you must, take it out of your work and put it by your bedside so you can look at it. Don’t show it to anyone else and don’t, I repeat, do not put it in another work. When you leave your darlings in, the ones that just sit there on the page and smile at you saying to themselves, “Aren’t I just adorable?”, those little darlings will ruin your work.


This is part of the writing process. A very large part of it.


Don’t Leave Your Readers Time to Breath

Writing is about conflict. Without conflict, in your story’s situation, between characters in the story world or conflict within a character, there would be no great books.

Gillian Flynn, the author of the bestseller, Gone Girl, has taken conflict and strewn it throughout every aspect of this story world. You can’t find many sentences without conflict somewhere. That’s what makes it so great, and horrifying.

Rolling Stones¹ magazine did an interview with her which you can read online. (See link below.)

If you’ve read the book, you know that feeling of wanting the world to stop so you can read until the book is done. If there were any of Flynn’s darlings in there, it would have given you pause to sleep and go on with your tomorrow. All of her darlings were murdered.

Every Murder Needs a Detective

A clarification on the exact meaning of the phrase and who said it: Slate²as a great article about the movie Kill Your Darlings. The term means that as writers, we must take our favorite passages in our work out if they don’t further the story progression. It has been used, improperly, to refer to killing or creating conflict for your protagonist.

It has also been attributed to all manner of writers: Faulkner, Chekov, Ginsberg, Hemingway, Welty, Wilde. Just name your author. Steven King repeated it in his great craft book and autobiography: Steven King, On Writing. The true source of this oft-repeated phrase is Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, who lectured at Cambridge in the early 20th c. And whose lecture, which you may find at Bartleby³, is one best combed through with diligence. His original quote was, “Murder your darlings.” We’ve heard all manner of iterations but now Slate² and, more importantly, I have attributed the phrase correctly to the source.

Bookmark Bartleby with the URL address below. Yes, I am partial to Sir Quiller-Couch’s name, as you might imagine, but the lecture is above reproach and handily useful to any writer.

Lest you think that he eschewed all manner of writing, listen to him on the subject of, what we term, the living language:

“Literature must needs take account of all manner of writers, audiences, moods, occasions; I hold it a sin against the light to put up a warning against any word that comes to us in the fair way of use and wont (as ‘wire,’ for instance, for a telegram), even as surely as we should warn off hybrids or deliberately pedantic impostors, such as ‘antibody’ and ‘picture-drome’; and that, generally, it is better to err on the side of liberty than on the side of the censor: since by the manumitting of new words we infuse new blood into a tongue of which (or we have learnt nothing from Shakespeare’s audacity) our first pride should be that it is flexible, alive, capable of responding to new demands of man’s untiring quest after knowledge and experience.”



I hope you are deftly killing your darlings and staying true to the storyline in each line of your writing.

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Happy writing!



2. Slate, Kill Your Darlings