The State of the Website Address

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Or, The State of the Url Address

Now that the holidays are over, I have a lot of things to share with you.

First, as promised, is an article on the author, Ilie Ruby. She will stand among the greats many years from now. This deserves an acknowledgement. I had planned to post it right after the contest, but became quite sick from the chemo and complications. But things are on the mend such as they are.

And then we will begin a number of posts on writer’s block and understanding it from the standpoint of neurophysiology. There will also be tips on your writing and how to find sources you never even dreamed of; and we will begin posts on the writing craft itself. (see writers’ resources page.) We’ll have a tour of my home library and my new e-book and just what this once Luddite turned geek feels about the whole process.I have some true hilarious stories to share.  I also would like your input on a number of items and scandals. Please do shout out on any subjects you wish covered. The scope is broad and includes all subjects in the resource page and then some. We will set up a writing resolution format using mind maps (for the right side of the brain) and spreadsheets (for the left side). This will help you to reach your writing goals as painlessly as possible. It’s a system for doing things naturally and then pulling things together like magic.

And more contests are coming your way!

I have a new site to show you that is free and like a muse ready whenever you feel like creating. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, I’ve found that is true and you can reach your writing goals with finess using this beauty. Just wait! This one you probably haven’t hear of!

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Also, if you happened to get a number of posts during the night; those were old posts that I forgot to click “publish off” while I trimming down my page to aid in cell phone viewing. Many pardons.

I have also added a number of items that will make this site more of a community. You will find a news feed, or what I term the Newz Feed with great articles culled from literary , arts and culture websites. When you are done reading just click on the header which will bring you back here. I would love to see a free exchange of ideas with like-minded people. Or not so like-minded. Differing opinions are welcomed here as long as discussions are held constructively. (Don’t I sound like my old school-marm self?!)

As always, I continue each day to add links and information in the Website for Writers page. If you wish to add your own writing site, drop me a line through the contact page. Or if you think of another site that you like and believe will aid fellow writers, please do the same.

I send you all happy blessings and good wishes for this new year. 

Yours truly,