The Write Tip

Yep, you know it too, don’t you? You’re in the park sailing away on your writing. Then, all of the sudden, “Oh, puppies!”

We all have these distractions with which to struggle; but, we are not without amunition in this fight. Here is the opening salvo on our war with writing distractions.


Your characters are waiting for you! Follow these tips for mindful writing.


It helps me to listen to or read a beloved author’s discussion of his writing practice. Additionally, reading quotes from authors is helpful. Paris Review is always a muse whisperer. This site is always deep into the writing process as you will see here with an interview with Don DeLillo.

While I’m not a famous writer (yet), I have jotted down some tips for you that I find conducive to getting my wip whipped into shape. Hopefully, you find them helpful as well.

Tip: I added onto something I had heard Michael Chabon mention while he discussed his writing practice (see the Great Reads Page in the menu). Instead of listing the music in your iPod under style and artist, make a genius list for yourself. Pick the songs that you personally find joyful, contemplative, angst-ridden or another emotion that you need to provoke within your writing. Use these lists as needed for the soundtrack of your writing. I am doing the same and have started an Excel sheet coupling the music lists with the style/”vibe” of writing, story or article I need to write.

While writing; forget punctuation/it brings the right (logical) brain into a left brain more creative work; go back when you are not “in the zone” and get picky about punctuation and grammar

If you are not finding time to write due to pressing tasks, take 30 seconds out to look at a picture that you’ve picked to draw out your protagonist. Still working on some mindless task? Make it mindful by looking over your outline. Start with a page that you felt good about and flip/click-through to a spot that needs work; think of that in stages of concentration (two minutes) on and off. You will be surprised at how mindful your mindless tasks have become. Remember to have your smart phone or moleskin handy when you do this.

Run through this article on writer’s block. These tips can help you get further and deeper into “the zone” making the creation of sentence structure and story structure an easy task for your mind and hands.


So, you tell me, what writing distractions you have a hard time over-ruling? What additonal tips do you use to handle them?

Any thoughts on this? What is your opinion?